Coral Safe Sunscreen Moisturizing Balm Spf 50

* Mineral-based

* No Fragrance

* Dry Touch

* Non-allergenic – safe for kids, babies, and sensitive skin

* Reef-safe

* Never tested on animals

* Non-Greasy

* (Size: 2 oz)

Shield your skin from the elements all year round with our All-Weather Skin Protectant. Made with Natural Ingredients. Not only is it very smooth, but it provides a light application that Goes-On-Clear, yet still protects your skin with an SPF 50 Broad Spectrum. This non-greasy WAX+SPF effortlessly smooths into your skin to keep it moisturized and protects it from both the sun and cold winds. Our mineral-based formula contains broad spectrum SPF 50 and provides expert protection from the sun’s UV rays.